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The names that you might have heard, who claim to sell soap nuts from Nepal in the USA are selling them at the price of gold. However, we believe that all the people around the globe must enjoy this natural gift of nature, the magic of soap nuts at a minimum cost.

Nepalese Soap nuts are imported by many of the world's largest importers. More than 85% soap nuts in the USA come from Nepal. So why not choose National Exports' Soap nut and start your Green living right away. We offer products at 50% less than what you pay to your local suppliers in the USA itself and we mean it.

Native to the Himalayan nation, soap nuts from Nepal are considered the finest. Soap nuts from Nepal originates from the western districts like Dang & Salyan. We have been the right choice for soap nut importers since many years. We listen to our valuable customers & this makes us different from others.

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National Exports Pvt. Ltd.
PO Box# 3835, Kathmandu

Phone: +977 1 4025717

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